i’m just need you here all in

By deptz, Wed. January 9, 2008
Categories: dari hati ke hati

Rainfall on roses and will be broken
Moonlighting aside,i really needs you
At a few more terrible crash happen
As your eyes said to me on blue
Do sleeping in the roam
At the shade of ur hug
Hope it’ll give me a reason
Now see a wonderful things
Inside, you’re my everything

Hear me say….
A second you’re not here with me
Don’t you feel that i missing
If there’s one thing I believe
No ones i needs again
Along the way i dreaming
To walk beside me in this pain
I’m just need you here all in

5 Responses to “i’m just need you here all in”

  1. ciplukz Says:

    Huehehehe.. Tumben puitis :d Anyway makin rame aja anggota para buayanya :p
    Bozzz Nitipin link di blogroll yak :p

  2. hehehe….

    lagi menyusun ni kandang buayanya…doakan yup!!hehe..

    sip ze..aku pasang di blogroll..

    pasang linkku juga ya!!

  3. Anggun Says:

    kykny rmantiz

    bsa nitip d buwatkan nek kpan2 btuh, maklum driku bukan buaya yg romantiz

  4. Bisa mas e’ek..tapi bayar…
  5. 0yon Says:


    gara-gara kamsud ngain kiey mesti……
    nuliz aneh-aneh bae…..

    tak tambahi bRo….

    since u’ve made up your mind
    who knows what u belive in to
    i just don’t know……..
    but 1 thing i know…..
    all i’m is me……

  6. mangsuk ngain membawa berkah
  7. yaqin??? Says:

    siapa pun yang dapat puisi ini…
    pasti seneng bgt…

    its a big mistakes…i let you go away from me…
    i know our love is unbreakable
    i can feel it
    i believe it

  8. memoar Says:

    masih puitis seperti yang dulu…