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Web 3.0 is about data?

Today, we all have facebook account, twitter account, and other social media account. Everyday we supply them with many informations about our life. We also have another account on free service, for example google analytics.

So many data being sent using email and messenger. We create, take and share documents, photos, audio and the other format of file. There are so many cloud service out there. And maybe we’re one of their user.

Julian Assange (Wikileaks Founder) said that Facebook is a big spy machine that ever invented. It used by US Goverment to gathering data from more than it’s 500 million user.

There is also location based service. We provide them anything about place we have visited. And sometimes, all social media combined.

Social Media providers know where are you, what are you doing, your feeling, about your thinking and others information about you. You give information to them for free.

If web 2.0 is about user generated content, web 3.0 is about data?