By deptz, Sun. January 16, 2011
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From wikipedia, general is a four-star general officer rank. And in an “invisible world”, general mean an income level. 4 stars mean 4 digit USD income, more than $1000 in a month.



Yesterday, i met someone who has been reach general level. But he didn’t tell me his real income. It can be $1001 – $9999. He share about his journey until reach it. More than USD $1000 is come from his laptop. And i was surprised, his income is from internet. He make an business model which i never think about it before. He said that ‘general’ is just 2% from his goal.

Now, i just three-star. And when will i can get five-star? or six-star? or seven-star? even infinite-star?

3 Responses to “General”

  1. dzale Says:

    wew, kayak mlm aja. pake bintang2, hihi…

  2. adelicious Says:

    waww mass…u said that u are in just 3 stars..but i think its better than me who havent reached 2 stars yet 🙁
    keep spirit! 🙂

  3. Pencerah Says:

    my comment so general