CodeIgniter Modular Programming

By deptz, Fri. July 16, 2010
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CodeIgniter has been my favorite PHP framework for a while. CodeIgniter is simple and very easy to use. CodeIgniter applying MVC ( Model View Controller) concept. How about HMVC ( Hierarchical Model View Controller) ?

With a library from Wire Designz, Modular Extensions, we can make CodeIgniter modular. Modules are groups of component in CodeIgniter for example a controller, model, and view separated from application folder.

Directory Structure

With modular programming, we can code more efficiently and easier to develop.


3 Responses to “CodeIgniter Modular Programming”

  1. Planet Orange Says:

    Setuju kl CI simpel…. cuma sekarang sudah jarang pake framework bro

  2. d3ptzz Says:

    @Planet Orange: langsung hand code brader?

  3. ganda Says:

    Kok saya malah lebih senang pakai Zend sekarang ya? 😀